SA HIGH DEFINITION 560 –  After topping our 2011 sale at $11,500 for 1/2 interest to Mart McNutt, We have successfully used High Definition   (nicknamed H D) in our program. H.D. is sired by Image Maker.  For his first calf crop H.D. has performed beyond all expectations. In the 2013 young sire summary H.D. is one of only three bull that is below-2.4 for birth EPD and above +70 for weaning weight. Of those three bulls H.D. has the highest CED value of +17, the highest milk EPD +35 and the Highest $Feedlot value of $66.28. The calves by H.D. in this sale are outstanding prospects and we expect his semen and offspring  to become in high demand in the near future.

BW 68     WW 754    YW  1503  ADG 4.73 POUNDS

SC39 REA 16.6 IMF 3.95 PELVIC 225







-2.4 +72 +125 +35 +.33 +.60 -.003
$W $F $G $B
+44.60 +66.28 +25.60 +83.21

TC Romeo 917


TC Romeo is a son of Right Answer that was the lead-off bull for  TC Ranch in 2010. We selected Romeo for his phenotype, outstanding performance and carcass quality.  Romeo was the heaviest yearling bull ever produced in the long history at TC Ranch. Romeo scanned a 17.6 inch Ribeye with a 4.77 IMF score. This sale features a large group of calves by Romeo and we think you will appreciate their length of body, style and outstanding performance. Twenty Five sons of Romeo in this sale had an average daily gain of 4.61 pounds during a 122 day test and an average adjusted 365 day weight of 1418#. Romeo is the highest bull ranking bullin the Sire Summary for $feedlot at$96.41.Real world performance with along with a great set of replacement heifers.  Semen available. Contact TC Ranch

WW 872

YW 1659

ADG 4.92

SC 40




+1.5 +61 +142 +30 +.54


$W $F $G $B
+23.64 +96.41 +21.18 +85.35


TC One Way 618

One Way was the featured and top selling bull in the 2007 TC Ranch sale selling for $130,000 to Stevenson Angus, Whitestone-Krebs and Slagle Angus. One Way is out of a top producing cow that produced the lead off TC carload bull in 2005, TC Boom Time. Boom Time later sold to Snake Creek Angus and is now a featured sire for Accelerated Genetics. One Way’s dam has a NR 8/110, YWR 7/111, %IMF ratio 8/117 and Ribeye ratio of 8/105. We purchased an interest in One Way because we thought he was one of the most complete and useful bulls we had looked at. The greatest strength of One Way may be his daughters. They are sharp fronted, angular, productive females with excellent udders. (NHF)

+2.8 +63 +115 +36 +.72 +.17 +.039
$W $F $G $B
+29.47 +57.62 +25.97 +84.89






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