February 20, 2019

1:00 p.m. (CST) - At the ranch
northwest of Sargent, NE


150 Angus Yearling Bulls
50 Registered Angus Yearling Heifers


Welcome to Slagle Angus for our annual Ranchers Bull Sale! Thank you for taking the time to review the catalog for our 2019 sale. Once again, we are working with Ostrand Angus and the Ostrand family through a combined sale to provide you with a strong set of bulls, in a large volume, for you to pick what best meets your needs. We are also pleased for Colten Brown, (son of Sam Brown, our long-time employee) to be offering his first sale bull, Lot 68. Sam and Colten have been a driving force, especially this year with Mark having health issues, to have such an even set of bulls that provide the same maternal, carcass and performance traits that has been found at Slagle Angus for over 40 years. Thank you Sam, Todd, Colten, Neil, Howard, Melvin, Alex, the Ostrand's and to all who have kept Mark and our family in their prayers and that have helped with the activities on the ranch.

Our bulls have moderate birth weight along with enough frame and volume to allow them to produce offspring with extra performance. These bulls have an average gain on test of 4.8 pounds per day, ending up with an average ADJ 365-day weight of 1462 pounds. They also post an average $B of 156.02 which puts them in the top 15% for the breed with an average Weaning EPD of 69 and average Yearling EPD of 124 which is in the top 10%.

We run the bulls in a large pasture after weaning, as long as possible into winter, to give them exercise and a clean environment. After the sale, we will run them out as much as possible, along with providing them bedding and protection from the weather, as needed.

The volume discounts, breeding guarantees, boarding and delivery programs are all described in the catalog. Be sure to check out either of our websites for the videos of the entire offering. If you have questions, give us a call anytime. Thank you for your interest in our breeding program and we look forward to seeing you February 20th at the ranch.

Mark and Kristin Slagle

Cell 308.215.0030


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